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Toronto Construction Manager & General Contractor

As a Toronto based construction company Thesign knows that being reliable and proactive is essential to survive in this service based industry. Anyone can be a “contractor” but we are a construction “service” provider with experience in the corporate politics that your management team has to navigate through in today’s world of tight budgets and fast paced schedules.

Thesign offers Consulting and Management Services for interior and exterior commercial projects. Our services range from feasibility, budgeting and planning through to construction. Items and services we can provide to your team include:

  • Project start-up consulting.
  • Budgeting, cost control, and scheduling.
  • Collaboration with and/or hiring of the "Design Team" - Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Signage Consultant, etc.
  • Value engineering services.
  • Pre-qualification of sub-trades.
  • Award and coordinate contracts in conjunction with client approvals.
  • Execute site construction and project close-out.

Specialty Services...

  • True perspective 3D computer generated renderings for presentation of specialty areas such as entrances, receptions, lobbies, etc.
  • Leasing drawing options and budgets for Landlords and proposed tenants.
  • Owner Representative/Consultant - Act as owner or client representative on substantial irregular construction projects not being constructed by Thesign. This service is provided to aid a client’s in-house staff and provide expertise on design development, budgeting or scheduling items.

Whether your Toronto business is looking to perform some relatively minor renovation or a large corporate office move, Thesign will make sure that the process goes as smooth as possible. With our variety of products and services we will make it a priority to complete your project on time and on budget!